When we were very young, we dreamed about…

When we were very young, we dreamed about what we wanted to be when we grew up. We did this in part because grownups ask us all the time “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We did it also because it’s normal for young children to fantasize an ideal existence for themselves.

As we grew older, our dreams began to fade as the demands, expectations, and goals that others set for us overpowered our dreams. The expectations of others began to clash with our dreams. It was at this point in time that we discovered sometimes it’s easier to give in or give up rather than go against the external forces that “knew what’s best for us.”

My invitation to you today is this… You are now an adult and I invite you to revisit that dream you had so long ago. Bring it out into the sunshine, dust off the cobwebs and reconnect with the energy, enthusiasm and excitement that your dream once held for you.

Before you quickly dismiss this invitation, please consider this. There was a power in that dream and that power is still available to you. That power is hope – hope that your life would become something other than it was. For example, I dreamed of being Dale Evans – I wanted the hat, horse and Roy Rogers – in that order.

As much as I beg, pleaded and cried, I never did get the horse. However, on my wish list is to take riding lessons. I did get the hat – sort of! Many years ago, I began collecting vintage hats and my collection has provided me with countless hours of fun and entertainment. Regarding the man, I have a real life hero who rides by side every step of the way on this incredible adventure called life. Although he’s not fond of horses, he loves horsepower in his cars!

It’s not too late – unless you decide it’s too late!

What aspects of your childhood dreams can you bring to life today, right now? What action can you take that will reconnect you with the power that hope holds for you?

Author: Susan Bock

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