What are The 10 Powers of Leadership? – Part 5

To conclude Jill’s commencement address, she gave the graduates a bonus power, Power #11.

11: The Power to Make a Memory

Never miss the chance to make a memory.

This concludes the series of The 10 Powers of Leadership by Jill Geisler. Whether you are soon to graduate, a recent grad or a ‘seasoned’ grad, her message serves as a powerful reminder that our life is what we make it.

Management guru Jill Geisler has coached countless men and women who want to build their leadership skills, help employees do their best work, and make workplaces happy and successful. In WORK HAPPY, she provides a practical, step-by-step guide, based on real-world experience, respected research, and lessons that will transform managers and their teams. It’s a workshop-in-a-book, designed to produce positive, immediate and lasting results.

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I would love to hear your thoughts on this series –

  • QuestionsDid you find it enlightening, informative, thought-provoking?
  • Are posts presented in a series convenient for you?
  • What is one take-away you can share that has resulted from this series?

My wish for you is that the memories you have yet to make will surpass the memories you have!

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