Vigorous Vacuuming

A publication I was recently reading (which will go nameless) offered an article titled “The Top 10 Stress Reducers.” Throughout my career, stress has been either a major companion or I was studying how to reduce stress! This self-directed, ongoing research led me to the conclusion that was ‘in the know’ about the latest and greatest regarding stress reduction.

As I began reading the article, my ego suffered quite a shock – I had not heard, read, discovered nor even dreamed of some of the stress reducers suggested by the experts. Now I was a captive audience. I continued to read.

Revealing a bit about myself, I love (okay, we’ll back off to ‘really like’) cleaning, dusting, straightening, and yes, vacuuming. Perhaps more accurately, I enjoy the result of those activities. Not only is the house clean, I receive visual reinforcement. My sense of order is satisfied. Even when having completed just one room, my need for Immediate Gratification is rewarded! Wow – that feels so good!

Back to stress reduction. According to the article, “Vigorous Vacuuming” was right up there in the top 3 stress reducers! Imagine that! All those years I was researching stress reducers, I could have just vacuumed!

Happy, less stressed and a clean house. That’s the trifecta for me!

P.S. I just bought this amazingly cool vacuum! It has attachments and gadgets that make my other vacuum look like an antique! Of course, I stressed over the cost of the vacuum – oh well, my house is really clean!!

Author: Susan Bock

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