Today is another adventure in the journey of LIFE

Today is another adventure in the journey of life…here’s why. Today I’m a new person –ok, not totally new, just enough that it makes things interesting. I like to think I know myself pretty well. After all, I’ve taken hundreds personality assessments so I should be an expert on me, right? I believe so strongly in what can be learned from assessments that I created 52-weeks of self-discovery – each week you receive an assessment via email. It’s fun, interesting and quite revealing.

So, this past week, in 2011, I retook an assessment that I had originally taken in 2002. I was surprised on two levels. First, I didn’t remember taking it before (we’ll attribute that to forgetfulness!) and secondly, I was asked what I thought my results were, only to learn that I was 180 degrees off! So, thinking I know myself, and discovering that I don’t to the degree I thought I did, invited the opportunity to say there is more to me today than there was 10 years ago. In other words, I’ve changed.

Yes, I’m a new person, and that’s enough to keep me on the adventure for another day. I wonder who I will be tomorrow?

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