The Pricless Gift of Time

Time is said to be the most valued resource we have – it is not renewable, rechargeable, recyclable!  We have one chance to make a minute count and if we don’t ‘seize the moment’, it is forever gone.

Are you enjoying the ‘magic in each moment’?  Are you fully engaged and ‘making the most of each minute’?  Are you present and focused on what is before you at this very minute?  To answer these questions honestly, we would have to say no.  We are human beings, not robots!

And, there just might be room for some improvement, right? What would improvement look like? Are you spending precious time worrying about the future or regretting the past?  Are you actively seeking a new course or are you waiting for something to happen.

Here’s what I’ve learned or discovered.  This is one of the keys to unlocking one of life’s many mysteries for me.  If I focus on today, take action today, make something happen today, then I’m in the moment and living in the present.  When I postpone, procrastinate, or put off something, then I’ve wasted the moment and I will have nothing to show for it tomorrow.  By making my actions purposeful, productive and progressive, then I take myself one step closer to my goal.

Now here’s the real challenge….I get to make the choice, the decision, each minute of each day – I can choose to be proactive, step into the driver’s seat and accept the responsibility of making my future what I want it to be, or I can sit back, pick up a book and wait for someone else to determine my future for me.

For this independent, self-sufficient human being, I’m choosing the first option – my life is mine and I have one chance to make it count…my decisions, my choices and my life.

How about you?  Are you ready to make the most of your most valuable resource?


Author: Susan Bock

Are you tired of being overwhelmed by your business and under-whelmed by your results?

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