The Corner Office of Life

It hit me in the middle of the night – boom, just like the huge Japanese gongs that reverberate to your very core. I knew what to do. It was so clear, so easy and so very logical.

Have you had the experience of a flash of clarity that gave you pause? How did you feel? Did you take action right away?

I took action – and that was to create a new product. To provide the framework, one my most popular presentations is “Are You the CEO of your Life?” I believe it has such appeal because most people don’t think of themselves as the CEO, nor do they look at their life from that perspective. Anyway, it has been my pleasure to help people shift their thinking with this concept.

My flash/bang thought was there needed to be a guide book, how-to instructions, something that people could follow to step into their power-role of CEO and take charge of their life. If the topic has the appeal, perhaps people would want more.

So this is the headline breaking news – be watching for my new product launch…The Corner Office of Life. I would love your comments – should it be an ebook, workbook, daily assignments? What would you find most beneficial?

Creatively transforming your thinking, your business and your life…
Susan Bock
Transformational Speaker and Coach

Author: Susan Bock

Are you tired of being overwhelmed by your business and under-whelmed by your results? Has your business taken over your life so you have no time or energy to live? Does it feel like you live, breathe and eat work - all day, every day? Let's change that - I can help you get out from under the oppressive burden of being an entrepreneur so that you have the time, energy and freedom to live, love and light up your life! Let me show you how you can have a business AND a life you love-with a lot less hassle!

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