The Comma Club

Do you pay attention to the punctuation in your life?

I love handbags and occasionally indulge in strolling through the handbag department at some major department stores and boutiques. The price of some these bags is shocking – the price has a comma! It astonishing – the price could be a monthly house payment, a vacation, a new laptop! In fact, one bag – in a locked glass display case was priced at $115,000. That price is higher than what I paid for my first condo!

In addition, there seemingly is no correlation between size and price, bag composition and price, or length of strap/handle and price. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for quality and paying for quality and for stimulating the economy! However, trying to justify or make sense of the pricing structure in some way.

Sharing my ‘sticker shock’ with some wealthy friends, I was even more stunned to learn that many of them had paid 4 digits for a handbag. Attempting to recover from my shock, I said they were in an entirely different demographic than me. Now I fondly tease them by referring to them as the Comma Club.

As I was reflecting on the fact that I would not be a member of that particular Comma Club, I decided to create my own Comma Club. A place where I could hang out with colleagues, business associates, and friends that had more value than I could financially afford—if forced to put a dollar amount on it; an environment of richness that money can’t buy.

Do you have a Comma Club of your own? An environment of richness where you can go to find friendship, knowledge, business, etc.? If not, I encourage you to create one and experience being part of the Club, contributing in your own way, receiving meaning and worth that equates to value – the value you identify for yourself.

Next week: another punctuation mark in our lives……

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