Officially, Spring has arrived. That means garden clean-up and spruce-up. I knew exactly what needed to be done and planned out my week – a few hours each day in the yard and the remainder in the office. And what I productive week it was. I could visibly see my progress in the gardens each day and when then work was completed at the end of the week, it looked better than I’d visualized. I can’t say the same for the work in the office as seldom is the progress so visible. I’ve stumbled onto something – I thrive when I can see the progress. It feels good and I’m motivated to do more. Now, each day, I will strive to have a ‘combo’ day!

Need motivation to complete some tasks in your yard or office? Do you thrive when you see progress or cross items off a list? Whatever your motivators, sometimes just getting started is the hardest. Need support to bolster you through the process? Consider me your partner – call 714-847-1566 or email Susan at susan@susanbock.com to find out more.

Author: Susan Bock

Susan Bock, Specialist for Women over 50 who want more out life, love and business!

Are you longing for more meaning as your life changes or searching for a way to reach your goals?

Are you tired of living your life on a part-time basis?

Together, we’ll take you from where you are to where you want to be in your future – even if you don’t know what that looks like!

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