Life’s Learning Lessons

Experience is an opportunity that accompanies us on this adventure called life. Here’s a truth I’ve learned – when I don’t learn from an experience, I get to ‘experience’ it again! That sentence popped out when speaking with a client yesterday. It seemed worthy of a blog post.

Reframing the sentence could be this: experience applied to life is wisdom. When we live a big life, have tons of experiences, then wisdom would be the result, right? However, there is one word in the sentence that is the key – the keys to the kingdom….and that is applied. It is one thing to have the experience, it’s quite another to reflect and ask questions to derive the full meaning, value and impact of the experience.

Simply stated, if I don’t learn what I need to from an experience, then the universe gladly provides me with another opportunity to learn by repeating the experience. Of course, none of us want or desire bad experiences, and yes, that is part of life. One more level of learning for me is this: it’s not the event or occurrence that deserves my attention, rather, my attention needs to be on how I choose to respond.

What life experiences do you notice recurring? Don’t be frustrated – listen to the whispers of learning so you can shout back – I’ve got it this time!!


Author: Susan Bock

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