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On a recent client call, I was asked a question that really gave me pause. I’m accustomed to asking my clients questions that require reflection, introspection and time…not the other way around! Here’s what she said – rather than asking me how life was treating me, she asked “How are you treating your life?” WOW – I had not a clue what to say! I needed time to consider a response.

My immediate thought was that I do, ‘expect’ life to treat me well. In fact, I may become upset, frustrated, unhappy when life ‘gives’ me something other than what I want. The thought had not occurred to me that I might want to treat my life with respect, appreciation and nurture the goodness of what I have. It could be as simple as the idea of entitlement versus working for it.

For a healthy relationship to thrive, it requires effort, investment, attention and respect. If I want my garden and yard to flourish, the proper attention, caring, water, and sun is necessary. Why would I not give the same to my life?

Eventually, I did have an answer, and the answer revealed to me that there were aspects of my life that did, indeed, deserve attention; I had not treated it well. Admittedly, it is much easier to have the expectation that life should be good to me rather than taking responsibility for treating my life with respect, appreciation, and gratitude.

What would be your response to this question? Love to hear from you –

Author: Susan Bock

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