Five important questions you need to answer to achieve success in life

Questions can sometimes hold the key to what makes us tick. They can bring out the best and sadly, sometimes the worst in us. Yet, it is critical to take questions seriously and honor ourselves with truthful answers.

1. What is your main or highest priority to yourself, your family, your career and your community?  Your answers to are your true north – your compass to keep you on the path of your priorities.  It is easy to become distracted, take detours, and even get lost when you don’t have your compass to guide you.

2. What are your 3 best personal success stories? When you’re having a day that leaves you feeling unfulfilled, ask yourself this question and enjoy the good feelings that start flowing.  Take it one step further and share your stories with someone close to you – and ask them to share their success stories with you.

3. What accomplishments do you feel best about?  This question makes some of my clients uncomfortable.  Seldom does society make it okay to make  brag list.  Accept your discomfort and start making your list!  You may have reach for the answer – which means you really need this question!

4. What do you say to yourself to give encouragement? When you’re dealing with the space between yes, I can and no, I can’t, what do you say to yourself that gives you the courage and willingness to continue?

5. If you could do/be anything you wanted, what would that be?  Wow – this opens up the world of what if!  Have fun with this – there may be more than one answer and that’s terrific!

I hope you gleaned some great insight into yourself with your answers. Use your answers to propel you forward in life. And, if some answers were not what you thought they would be, remember, it’s all about the journey.

Author: Susan Bock

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