Do you need an upgrade?

Need an upgradeWe’ve come to expect new versions of software to be released – the manufacturers have trained us well!  Each upgrade promises to be better, faster, more efficient, and easier to use than the previous version.  We’ve also come to expect to experience a learning curve coupled with moments of frustration as we familiarize ourselves with the new version!  The results promise to give us more time, be more efficient, have more options, – you get the picture.

Last week I discovered I needed an upgrade.  This upgrade was easily accessible and held all of the promises of other upgrades.  There were some very specific ‘patches’ in this upgrade that would solve some challenges.  All I had to do was accept the terms and conditions and I was good to launch.

What needed an upgrade?  This is where it get’s tricky.  I discovered some very old, outdated beliefs and thinking that were holding my potential as a hostage.  You’ve often heard me refer to the journey inward, and this was yet another adventure into the forays of my past.  The terms and conditions to accept was as simple as asking myself, “do you want to continue to be trapped in the past or are you ready to live in your potential?”  I opted in for my potential.

I’ve lived my past – and believe me, once was enough!  It’s time to unlock that cell door and reside in my potential, be open and willing to believe differently, expand my thinking.  Yes, it is definitely time for an upgrade.  How about you? Are you curious?  Do you want to know what you could be?  What your life could be?  Do you know what is preventing you from achieving that?

  • How do you get your life to change?  Change your mind.
  • How do you change your mind?  Introspection.

I hope you have the courage to look.


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Author: Susan Bock

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