Do the holidays make you a little crazy?

For me, it starts just before Thanksgiving and by the first week in December I can be completely consumed by the crazy-making holidays.

Can you relate? Let’s face it – when you start adding parties, shopping, cooking, hosting, decorating, ya da ya da, to a calendar that’s already over-scheduled, it’s no surprise that we want to implode!

For me, the culprit of the craziness is unrealistic expectations of myself. Here are some examples of my unrealistic expectations:

I can do it all;
I just need to pick up a few more items at the mall;
I’ll worry about the calories in January;
I can get by on a few hours of sleep;
I have an endless energy resource.
Sound familiar? Can you add to this list of unrealistic expectations?

I can’t honestly say I’ve overcome the craziness – however, I do want to share a few “gifts” that help me keep the unrealistic expectations at bay and a little less crazy!

Gift #1: Eat your vegetables. Boring? Maybe, healthy and health giving? Yes! At the end of the day, rather than chastising yourself for all the calorie-rich food you’ve consumed, you can pat yourself on the back for eating healthy and nurturing your body with what it needs so you take on another day!



Gift #2: Open your drawers. I know – you’re crazy busy – you don’t have time to clean out drawers. Just try it! Set aside 30 minutes – go through some drawers or closets or jewelry boxes and get rid of some items. You’ll be achieving 3 goals: 1. Making space for new things, 2. Donating what you don’t need to those in need, and 3. You’re giving yourself the gift of feeling really good about yourself! How cool is that?



Gift #3: Strengthen your abs. Did you know that laughing is one of the best activities you can do to release stress and tension? And guess what – it also strengthens your abs! Have you ever laughed until your stomach hurt? It’s your abs getting an extra workout! Who knew that exercise is as easy as laughing! And the bonus gift is your laugh invites those around you to do the same!



Gift #4: Breathe. Sit comfortably, relax your shoulders, put your feet on the ground and close your eyes. Inhale to the count of 5, filling your lungs as well as your belly. Hold for the count of 5 then exhale to the count of five. Want to really give yourself a boost? Try this – inhale gratitude, exhale tension; inhale appreciation; exhale expectations; inhale love, exhale frustration; inhale acceptance, exhale resistance; inhale joy and exhale disappointment. The deep breaths fully oxygenate your blood while releasing tension and helps clear your thinking.


From my heart and hearth to yours – wishing you and yours a sane and healthy.

Author: Susan Bock

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