Are we looking at life from a dog’s perspective?

My never-ending quest to discover, uncover, and live my potential takes me to some unusual places.  Sometimes the adventure takes me within and other times it’s without!

This year a treasured friend gave me a book that is now one of my all-time favorites – I quote the book, refer to the book, and reflect on the mastery required to write such a moving story.  Perhaps this book was so impactful for me because I love dogs.

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein is the book this blog is about – sort of.  After reading the book, I will forever see dogs from a very different perspective.  I’ve heard that dogs are angels on loan to us – I believe it.

Here’s the thing – a dogs’ action, facial expression, and tail speak volumes without saying a word.  The wagging, wild tail brings a smile to my face – even when it is dusting the furniture.  Bring out the leash and oh my gosh the level of excitement is equivalent to the $550m+ power ball win.  Dogs have so much to teach us.

This may be a bit out of the dog park so stay with me.  If you are a dog lover – or even a dog liker – here’s a link to a self-assessment that is amazingly accurate – at least it was for me!

According to my responses, I’m a Chihuahua! Here’s what it says about me.

The Socialite

Your single most amazing trait, is that you are charming and gregarious and gorgeous and lively. Oops! That was more than one. No worries, it wouldn’t be the first time the rules have been bent for you! Your charisma, combined with the fact that you can really dish out a good yap when push comes to shove, means you have no problem putting on the dog in order to get what you want. But it’s not all about you! N-n-n-n-no-ooo! You simply adore your best friend and love your family to pieces, enjoying every precious little teeny tiny moment you spend together. And children? Well, you love the idea of them, but don’t necessarily need them hounding you day and night, right? Come now, honey, let’s face it- children just do not appreciate a good sweater.

Famous Chihuahuas: Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Paris Hilton

Likely Professions: Event Planner, Philanthropist, Advertising Executive

Give yourself the gift of a good chuckle and take this quiz.  Let me know your results – we can compare notes!

Author: Susan Bock

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