A new Year – A new Perspective – A new Look

I am beyond excited that 2015 is here and is going to be a banner year – I just know it!  How about you – were you ready to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome in the new year?  Here’s why I’m so over-the-top excited.

A new Year –

Let’s set the stage:

2014 began with me facing major spine surgery. It had to be done – it was that black and white. It’s amazing what the right surgeon can do with bone grafts and titanium and I am ever so grateful. There were a few bumps along the recovery road and I’m thrilled to say that as I come up on the one-year anniversary of the surgery, my recovery is 90%. Early in my recovery, a reference was made about – get ready for this – a woman of my age! Yes, that’s right. You know, once we hit the dreaded 50 birthday, it seems everyone younger than 50 thinks our lives are over.

You’ve heard the expressions – over the hill, it’s downhill after 50, blah blah blah.  I’m here to tell you that one of the worst years of my life was 49, so I welcomed 50 with open arms and the conviction that my future was going to be brighter, better and bigger than my past. That was 13 years ago.

A new Perspective –

Act One:

January through July, 2014 a vast majority of my day was spent horizontal. That gave me loads of time to fill. Admittedly, the first few months were pretty foggy because of the pain medication. However, I do recall having numerous dreams about relationships with friends, family and even the relationship with myself. It was all quite intriguing to me and it started me thinking about what I wanted to do with my business when I was able. Although I wasn’t grateful at the time, looking back, I cherish the time I had to contemplate my future.

Act Two:

The past few months have been devoted to re-defining my personal and business goals. It was quite an “aha” moment when the lightbulb went off and I realized that my goals had a common theme focusing on “legacy.” What could my legacy be? How could I manifest it? Who will be touched by it?

Act Three:

That’s where you enter, stage right – or left – whatever you choose. Will you indulge me for one more minute?  My legacy is for you, me, women over 50 to make their future brighter, bigger and better than their past.  Does that sound too grandiose, too Hollywoodish? Well then, how about simply brighter?

Here’s what I know:

  • my past has brought me to where I am today;
  • my past will not take me to where I want to go;
  • my past did not give me the training, skills, expertise to fade into the woodwork;
  • I was not given the gift of life to languish on what I’ve accomplished;
  • My soul light burns brightest when I’m making a contribution to others;
  • My legacy is to usher women into the bright light of their future;
  • My gift is to believe in you until you believe in yourself, as others have done for me.

A New Look  –

My new website has tons of resources, tools and tips to keep your energy flowing, your passions alive and your commitment strong to being more than you have been! Click here to opt in for a sneak preview of how you can start building your legacy.

My new coaching programs are designed to give you exactly what you need make your future brighter, bigger and better than your past! These programs have been created with the help of experts in metaphysics, spiritual development and the powers we have within.

My new monthly webinars are free to you. During each call, we’ll tackle tough questions and you’ll discover your answers as we use a tried and tested 3-step approach to clear the mental clutter and make room for new ideas. You’ll leave each call with possibilities and specific actions you can take. Click here to register.

My commitment, pledge and promise is to provide you with the tools you need to kick 50 in the behind and  show the world that you are part of the revolution that is redefining how we think, live, act and love in the best half of our life!

Let the fun begin!

Author: Susan Bock

Are you tired of being overwhelmed by your business and under-whelmed by your results? Has your business taken over your life so you have no time or energy to live? Does it feel like you live, breathe and eat work - all day, every day? Let's change that - I can help you get out from under the oppressive burden of being an entrepreneur so that you have the time, energy and freedom to live, love and light up your life! Let me show you how you can have a business AND a life you love-with a lot less hassle!

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