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This secret weapon is your soul –
what I refer to as your Super Soulful Self.

Doubts, uncertainty, procrastination, overwhelm, over-scheduled and over-committed inhibit you from hearing the messages your soul is sending to you…really important messages!

When you take these 7 Steps to tune into your soul – like me, you might just be surprised what you hear. After years of struggling with virtually every aspect of life, I discovered this secret weapon – and it’s my delight to share this with you so you can:

  • Discover the freedom to soar and be all that you can be
  • Experience all the greatness that resides within you
  • Savor the joy of sharing your gifts, talents and beauty with the world
  • Have self-confidence, self-worth and self-awareness to flourish
  • Enjoy success in all aspects of your life

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"Susan not only helped me in discovering my true passion, she also helped me get out of my own way- releasing all the old nagging beliefs that no longer serve any purpose. I now live in the moment, doing what I love while enjoying the fruits of my labor…financial success and personal freedom."

Jennifer Cloake
Jennifer Cloake Serial Entrepreneur

"I think Susan is amazing and her one-on-one is really key. It is better than any therapy I have gotten and she gets to the core of things pretty quick. I have found that I have reprogrammed my brain and have created new beliefs because the old ones were holding me back. It takes a while for it to change and when it does, amazing things happen."

Yvonne DeSollar
Yvonne DeSollar Entrepreneur