Have you experienced painful blows in your life? Take it from me – it’s possible to come back from a bad situation even stronger and happier than ever! All of us understand that truly devastating experiences can happen to good people. But they don’t have to define you for the rest of your life.

I’ve been collaborating with Dana Zarcone and 24 other amazing co-authors to document how we changed our lives for the better. I truly feel that this book will inspire you in so many ways! If you’ve ever experienced really trying times, times where you felt alone, hopeless or like giving up then check out this book!

Check out an interview I did with Dana:

In this book I share my own personal story of going through a breakdown and turning it into an amazing breakthrough and I’d love for you to read it! Pick up a copy of “Your Shift Matters: Breakdown to Breakthrough” and get ready to embark on an amazing journey where the authors stories will touch our heart and stir your soul!