Your Attitude Defines Your Altitude

Attitude is everything – have you heard this before?  This is yet another key to one of life’s mysteries for me.  Why can some people be stuck, bogged down, unable to move forward and other seem to fly past on the autobahn of life?

It is as simple as attitude?   The experts tell us, yes, it is that simple.  However, let’s not confuse simple with easy.  My attitude used to change in a minute – it can go up or down – based on an event, experience, even a thought. Looking back, I can see that my emotions, immaturity, lack of experience or understanding was the governing factor of my attitude.  So much for the joys of youth!  I don’t know about you, but for me, growing up was painful!

So here we are – adults, in the commanding role of being the star in our stage play of life.  A star, yes, the lead character!  Umm, that’s an interesting idea, isn’t it?  Do you see yourself as a star?  Are you actively experiencing your stage play?  Do you know your role, your purpose, your reason for being the star?

We talk about stars rising to great heights of success, or soaring to great achievement.  The references to altitude are not an accident.  We can each soar to greatness, our very own greatness, that is beyond compare.  We can embrace our incredible bundle of gifts and be grateful for the opportunities presented to us each day.

Yes, we are the lead character in our book, the main star in our stage play.

Are you ready to soar to greatness?


Author: Susan Bock

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