Yes, It’s Your Turn


It’s Your Turn

In 2010, I was interviewed by Erin Saxton for a marketing publication. After responding to several questions, sharing my life – the glorious ups and the humiliating downs – the person interviewing me said “You have to write a book and the title should be It’s Your Turn.” My expectation of the interview was exposure to an untapped market. Erin took me to an entirely different level with her suggestion. Thank you, Erin, for planting the idea that has grown into reality.

That suggestion was the beginning of what has become yet another adventure into me; a discovery of something I had no idea was within – the ability and desire to write a book! It felt so right!

Then my nemeses began to creep in – oh, you know them:

Doubt, Procrastination, and Fear of Rejection

They’re some of our closest friends…and worst enemies! The 3 musketeers – these boulders had held me down for so many years. I thought I was past that! Haven’t I had enough therapy? Haven’t I identified and released the pains of limited thinking? Apparently not! Ugh…now I’m peeved!

It was time for me to take a dose of my own medicine. For the past decade, I’ve coached hundreds of women and delivered presentations to thousands with the common thread of my message being:

Within, you hold the most valuable knowledge you will ever discover.

To access that knowledge, we have to ask ourselves different questions, engage in new conversations and create a new ‘head committee’ that is comprised of our strongest supporters, advocates, and those who believe in us before we can believe in ourselves.

“It’s Your Turn” is my story of how I came to discover and access my inner strength. It is not a ‘how-to preachy- do this’ book. Rather, I share with you my discoveries and suggestions as to how you can experience the same release, relief and results that I did. In addition with the assurance that following these suggestions has worked for hundreds of women.


Yes, It’s Your Turn… to put down the burdens, doubts, outdated beliefs, limited thinking and self-defeating behaviors that keep you stuck.

Yes, It’s Your Turn… to forcefully open the dingy windows and invite the clean air in. Fresh thinking and sunshine to renew your spirit is on its way. Take action now! Warm your heart and allow a new way of living to take root.

Yes, It’s Your Turn… to step into the driver’s seat of your future, discover your unlimited potential and begin living in the belief that dreams can come true.

One of my favorite quotes is from Henry Ford: “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right!” I invite you to believe YOU CAN because you are worth it… you deserve… and your new adventure is just outside the window of your mind. Remember…

It’s Your Turn

Pre-order your copy today at the discounted price of $15.99. Release Summer, 2013.

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