• Say goodbye to being a slave to your business;
  • Stop working so hard for disappointing results;
  • Get out from under the oppressive burden of trying to do it all;
  • Make business decisions swiftly and with confidence;
  • Have a business model that helps you attract clients easily;
  • Design a clear, concise action plan for the next 6 months;
  • Increase your profits and decrease the time you spend working;
  • Have a business and a life you love;
  • Have the time, energy and freedom to live the life you’ve dreamed about.

  • Would you sleep more soundly at night?
  • Would you wake up with energy each morning and excited about the day ahead?
  • What would you do in your free time?
  • Could you say yes to an impromptu afternoon off and do so without guilt?
  • Would you have a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment?
  • How would your life be different?

This is what you’ve been waiting for, wishing for and it’s for you!

… that most (if not all) women entrepreneurs start their own business because they want more freedom, more flexibility, AND the ability to make more money while being able to do it their way.  Unfortunately, the reality is that after a few years or sometimes even just a few months, the predominate feelings are that of being overworked, uninspired, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled.

Here’s the thing, most women entrepreneurs are really good at their craft (they are great graphic designers, coaches, healers, photographers, bookkeepers, pie bakers, speakers and authors) but, what they don’t know is how to create the right business architecture to allow them to have the freedom, flexibility, fun and cash flow they have been craving.

If this sounds familiar, then it could be that, like so many women entrepreneurs, you simply don’t have a business model and platform that’s designed to complement your natural style and skills.

The good news is you and I can change that and get you out of feeling overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated at your lack of achievement.

The shortest and fastest solution is to stop stifling your uniqueness by attempting to function in a business model that is just not right for you, let go of demands, expectations and results that are not aligned with your heart and soul, and openly embrace your uniqueness and natural abilities for creating great results for your clients, so that you can rapidly build the business of your dreams with the income you deserve.

  • Monetize your uniqueness
  • Minimize the amount of time you spend working
  • Maximize your results

In this 2 ½ day VIP Freedom Immersion, you and I design the strategy that’s completely personalized to you, your uniqueness, and the lifestyle you dream of having. Yes, it’s all about you and honors the incredibly unique woman that you are.

  • A deep residing appreciation for the amazing gifts you have to share;
  • A business success strategy that’s solid and totally personalized to you, your strengths, skills, expertise and brilliance;
  • Specific ways to position your programs and services for more profit;
  • Super simple business systems that free up your time, energy and effort;
  • Tools, tricks and tips to price your offerings for high-level profits;
  • A clear path forward for growing your business, results and impact;
  • A strength of conviction and belief that yes, you can have it all!

Together, I help you design and implement a new way of “being in business” that monetizes your gifts, minimizes the amount of time you spend working and maximizes your freedom, earning potential, fun and success.

Here’s why this VIP Immersion is unlike any other program you’ve considered:

  1. You work with me – just me. You’re not handed off to a part-time staff member.
  2. We look at your business, life, lifestyle and take into consideration all of who you are and the composition of your life.
  3. We go deep into the details of business strategy, choosing the best business architecture for you, identifying your ideal platform, innovation, implementation and income generators.
  4. Yes, this is work and so we take time out for walks on the beach and laugh a lot!

Your VIP Freedom Immersion package includes 2 ½ days and nights in a luxury suite in a 5-star beach resort in Huntington Beach, CA with breathtaking ocean views as well as beverages, snacks, and scrumptious meals to nourish body, mind and soul! Yes, it’s included in your package!

  • an easy to follow action plan to get the results you want;
  • 3 progress updates with me for 6 months;
  • 3 in-depth refinement calls within 6 months for your VIP experience
  • Accountability, focus and clarity;
  • Momentum for upleveling your business;
  • A power partner (that would be me!) to help you overcome obstacles and challenges;
  • Ongoing product and program design and refinement;
  • Fun, laughter and joy on every call! Did I mention I’m big on the fun factor?

Most of all, you’ll benefit from my proven, proprietary approach that is all about you, your business, your freedom and your life so that you can build a business to support the life and lifestyle you want.

I’ve been mentoring women entrepreneurs for 15+ years and never get tired of seeing my clients achieve the life and lifestyle they’ve dreamed of having.

Because once you tap into your amazing self, you’ll breathe energy into your business and inspire your chosen market to choose you again and again.

What we create compliments you – your strengths, your brilliance and your uniqueness. This is not a canned, one size fits all, cookie cutter program. It’s designed and created for you, so you can easily and effortlessly get the results you want.

This 2 ½ day VIP Freedom Immersion is your secret weapon and fast track to success because you condense months of business coaching into a long weekend. This is ideal for you if you need rapid results in a short amount of time.

Sandy Winstrup
Girls Choice, Inc.
“Because of Susan’s involvement and encouragement, we were able to move forward with our plans very quickly. Her ability to think outside of the box has helped us to expand our original vision and to be open to suggestions. Her amazing listening skills never cease to amaze me! When we run into a problem or have trouble finding information, we ALWAYS know that we can count on Susan to come up with a realistic solution that fits our company needs."

What’s the #1 Lesson I’ve learned during my 15+ years on the entrepreneurial journey?

Identifying, embracing and monetizing your uniqueness is the ONLY way to have a business doing what you love to do AND being paid handsomely for being who you are!

Regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, this VIP Freedom Immersion meets you where you are.

I’m curious, which of the following stages do identify with?

Searching: we all started here – searching for answers, seeking clarification and confirmation that yes, the entrepreneurial world is calling. You’re ready to dive deep into discovery so you can make informed decisions, select the optimal business architecture that gives you the life and lifestyle you want. You’re so excited and can’t wait to get started.

So So: you’ve had your business for some time, and are bringing in a so so income. You’ve tried various approaches for product and program design, tried several delivery platforms and can’t seem to find your sweet spot where you absolutely shine. You’re frustrated and discouraged.

Striving: you’re ready to uplevel your business from 6 to 7 figures and it seems overwhelming because you’re working so hard right now you barely have time to breathe. That 7 figure goal is calling to you and yet, you cringe at the thought at what it will take to get you there.

  • own your uniqueness?
  • design your future?
  • build freedom and fun into your profitable business?

I know I’m the person to help you accomplish this.

When you embrace your uniqueness, and set yourself up for success, your business is no longer about selling; it’s about inviting, inspiring, and engaging.

Want to make 2018 totally amazing for you and your business?

Then you’ll want to schedule your VIP Freedom Immersion consultation now.

I’ll help you get crystal clear on what YOU need to have a business you love and time to live the life you dream of.  We’ll see if the VIP Freedom Immersion is the right next step for you.

Because my calendar books up so fast, you need to pay a small $97 refundable deposit to secure your Exploration Call. If you decide the VIP Freedom Immersion is not the right fit for you, your deposit will be refunded right away. If you decide this is right for you, your deposit will be applied to your tuition.

Secure your Exploration Call Now with the $97 Refundable Deposit


Jennifer Cloake
Serial Entrepreneur
"Susan not only helped me in discovering my true passion, she also helped me get out of my own way- releasing all the old nagging beliefs that no longer serve any purpose. I now live in the moment, doing what I love while enjoying the fruits of my labor…financial success and personal freedom."
Dana Briggs
Entrepreneur, Author
"You have been absolutely wonderful at guiding me and giving me insights.  Such a difference in a few short weeks!"
Nancy Renard
emerging entrepreneur
"I discovered how out of touch I was with myself and blindly following what the so-called experts told me to do. I was allowing time and money vampires to devour my self-confidence so much so I no longer trusted myself to make good decisions. It’s been 6 months since that life-changing weekend with Susan and I can’t believe how my attitude, business, life and fun factor have improved! It’s almost magical!”

Alzheimer’s claims lives every day. Because this disease claimed the life of my cherished father, I’ve become an ardent supporter of  The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement.  One way I show my support of this organization is by donating 5% of your purchase price to finding a cure for this deadly disease.