Do you find yourself dreaming about starting over – a new beginning – where your life, business and everyday activities would be different? After putting in countless hours working day, are you weary from never having enough time or energy to do what you want to do – like have a life?

You’re not alone and yes, there is

  • a way out of the constant overwhelm without abandoning your passion
  • a strategy for restructuring your business without starting over,
  • a methodology for having a life AND a business you love
  • a practical, tactical solution for waking up each day with a zest for living, exhilaration and the promise of living AND having a rich, fulfilling, rewarding and fun, yes fun, life and business!

This is more than hope – this is discovering a whole new way of thinking, doing and experiencing your life and business so that all aspects of what’s important to you blend beautifully together.

The life AND business you’ve dreamed of is within reach – yes it takes some work and yes, you ‘re worth it.

Sandy Widstrup
Girls Choice, Inc.
"When my sister and I first decided to go into business together, we were uncertain of where to start. We had some ideas but weren’t sure how to approach them. Then we met Susan and she listened to our concept, asked lots of questions and she became as excited as we were. Not only has she created a business plan for us but she has provided referrals for other services and has given us endless suggestions. Because of Susan’s involvement and encouragement, we were able to move forward with our plans very quickly. Her ability to think outside of the box has helped us to expand our original vision and to be open to suggestions. Her amazing listening skills never cease to amaze me! When we run into a problem or have trouble finding information, we ALWAYS know that we can count on Susan to come up with a realistic solution that fits our company needs."

I’m ready to be your guide if you’re ready to dig in and design the business you dream of so you can have the life you dream of enjoying.

Because I want to provide the highest level of business mentoring, which incorporates my coaching and consulting expertise as well as helping you to implement your plans, I’ve created a variety of programs to meet your needs. Each of these programs has been very carefully developed in order to maximize your success.

And guess what? Because I like to have choices, I want you to have choices, too. So there’s more than one way for us to work together.

I’m confident that if I’m the expert you need at this time, you’ll find that at least one of my programs will serve your needs and get the results you desire.

Check out the programs I offer below.

Feeling uncertain about which program you need?

Maybe you’re even feeling a tad bit skeptical about investing in yet another business program?

I hear you. No worries, whatsoever!

Take a look at the options below, then schedule your complimentary Explore l Expand l Enrich consultation so I can get to know you and your business. I’ll help you decide which program (if any!) would best serve you at this time.