What’s Your Head Committee Telling You?

One morning last week, in my nearly-awake fog state, I dressed for step class and off I went. The warm up exercises felt a bit off – maybe I wasn’t fully awake yet! Wondering what that was all about, I decided to tighten the straps on my MBT’s (the rocker shoes for walking) and as I leaned down to tighten the straps, I though hum, I’ve not had to do this before. Then there was the big aha. I was in step class, wearing MBT’s, not my aerobic shoes. No wonder I felt a bit awkward and off balance.

My Head committee (HC) said – no problem, stay the course, complete the class; which is what I did. Other than having to really concentrate on my balance, all was well….until the next morning when OMG – muscles that apparently haven’t been used in decades were screaming! In between cringes as I progressed through the day, I had to laugh at myself. How often have I ‘convinced myself’ to engage in an activity when a slight shift in the direction or timing would provide much more beneficial results? I could have left the class and spent the hour on the treadmill and use the shoes for the purpose they were intended!

That’s my question for you today – what is your Head Committee convincing you to do that may not be in alignment with your goals, that is making you uncomfortable, or potentially compromising?

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