What is it keeping me from achieving (fill in the blank)?

You may be feeling uncomfortable with these questions – and that’s expected.  Why?  It’s your resistance kicking in.  You are beginning to challenge its presence and the strangle-hold it has on you.   As a result, it’s threatened and is fighting back.

When you have filled in the blank for this question, it may be helpful to refer to your responses in the first question in this series.  Look at how resistance shows up in your life:

  • When
  • Where
  • How
  • Why

When you have these answers, you will loosen even more of the tentacles of resistance.

Please, do not give up or give in!  Give yourself permission to be uncomfortable and keep digging.  The benefit will far outweigh your discomfort!

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Author: Susan Bock

Are you tired of being overwhelmed by your business and under-whelmed by your results? Has your business taken over your life so you have no time or energy to live? Does it feel like you live, breathe and eat work - all day, every day? Let's change that - I can help you get out from under the oppressive burden of being an entrepreneur so that you have the time, energy and freedom to live, love and light up your life! Let me show you how you can have a business AND a life you love-with a lot less hassle!

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