Vegetables or Candy?

Like most of us, I wasn’t a big fan of vegetables in my youth. There were a few I found palatable, not that I would make a steady diet of any! Today, I understand the value, importance and necessity to eat healthy, non-processed foods and that includes lots of raw vegetables. I also know how I feel when I don’t eat healthy.

Here’s a question to ponder – Isn’t it equally important to feed our minds and spirit a healthy diet? And what would that look like for you?

Oh you thought I forgot to mention the candy. Well, like most children, I loved candy, and the love of chocolate followed me into adulthood. Now I prefer brain candy. Yes, you read it right, brain candy. Research from Psychological Science shows that a 55-minute walk in the park sharpens cognitive function – especially attention. Note that it’s not just the exercise – because a city walk had a much smaller effect. Even looking at pictures of nature for ten minutes gives the brain a boost. So try adding some brain candy to your day. You will thank yourself!

Author: Susan Bock

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