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How to Connect With Your Soul Self and Become Unstoppable
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Here’s what you will receive in the PLUS Package!

Revisit these 8 highly-successfully AND soulful Self women any time you need the inspiration.

RIGHT NOW, you can get:

  • All 9 One-Of-A-Kind Downloadable MP3 Recordings
    So you don't have to worry if you can't make a call live, or if you want to listen a second or third time … or if a few months down the road, something you heard seems very timely and you want to hear it again!. These are the REAL strategies that will save you tons of time, money and effort! I KNOW you’ll want to listen to these motivational interviews more than once.
  • Your personal Soulful Self journal
    You can use to take notes and revisit as you implement the powerful practices you learn about. This includes special pages for each call, so you can highlight, take notes, and review your favorite sections.

Bonus #1 (Value $97)

A to Z

Brand new – just completed!!

The adventure of connecting with your soul can be confusing, daunting and confounding.  You need a Guide who knows the path, is familiar with the obstacles and can help you bypass the detours that can cause you to stumble and lose your way.

The next best thing to having a Guide is to have a Guidebook so you can be confident that you are making progress each and every day.  Think of it as a roadmap to your soul. You’ll find this easy to read, simple to follow and hugely rewarding as you take each step –each letter to establish a clear, strong and powerful connection to your soul.

The beauty of this Guidebook is you can start anywhere, any letter, open to random pages – it’s yours to use in whatever way works for you.  It has everything you need to discover, reach out and connect with your soul in 26 fabulously rewarding ways!


Bonus #2 (Value $397)

You asked and here it is!



Yes, Happiness is an Inside Job!  This program was first released in 2012 and WOW – the feedback was awesome  - “Exactly what I need to focus my thoughts and energy” ; “connected my head with my heart”; "the brilliance in these pages is a breakthrough!” So if it was so great, why did I stop offering it?  I don’t have a good answer for you.  That, plus people asking if it was still available prompted me to take action.  I dusted it off, updated the content and am making this brand new – better than ever – version available to you today – as an added bonus.


Yes, Susan Send me the PLUS Package for How to Connect With Your Soulful Self and Become Unstoppable™ now! I understand that for my investment of just $97 (price increases to $197 On November 14, 2015), I receive:

  • All 9 One-Of-A-Kind Downloadable MP3 Interview Recordings for all 8 speakers
  • My Soulful Self Journal for each call

PLUS, these awesome bonuses:

  • “The A to Z Guide For Living A Soulful Life (Value $97) Created by Susan Bock
  • Happiness is an Inside Job! (Value $397 ) Updated, improved and better than ever!

I see the total value with all the bonuses is $694!

Before November 14, it’s just $97


After November 14, the price is $197


Yes I Want It!