Another new word has been added to our vocabulary, thanks to technology!  Spellcheck hasn’t quite caught up with the latest as it tells me em>Unfriending is not a word – and it offers no suggestions.

Until this week, I wasn’t familiar with the word – does that put me in the same category as Spellcheck?  Why this week?  I have surpassed 5,000 friends on Facebook and it is time, my VA tells me, to create a fan page.  In order to do so, I have to unfriend friends to a number below 5,000 to make the change. That’s a challenge, isn’t it?  Who do I unfriend?

Life is full of challenges – some big, some small and fortunately, this challenge is a small one in that the unfriending is only temporary. A few key strokes and they are friends once again and as a bonus will be elevated to a fan status!

Learning new words can be quite the discovery! How cool is that?

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