6 Steps to Getting Different Results


You’ve been asking the same questions and still not discovering the answers you need to get unstuck, to start getting the results you need and deserve. This video introduces you to an entirely new perspective made popular by Peter Block in his book, Community.

Are you intrigued with the idea of exploring other ways of managing your business so you have time to enjoy life? It all starts with an invitation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – please leave a comment below.

Conversations that Count


We all have one – that critical inner voice that, at times, is all we can hear. It holds us back, prevents us from being all we dream of being. I fired my mine and hired a new voice that’s supportive, inspiring and motivating. Wow – what a difference that makes!

If you’re tired of that critic and ready to have a different conversation … conversations that count, then you’ll love this video.

Finding Certainty in Times of Uncertainty

Although this was recorded a few years ago, it’s still relevant today – we are living in uncertain times.

Are you looking for certainty? This video gives you a suggestion as to where you might look – and find – what you seek.

Please share your thoughts – we’re on this journey together and others can benefit from your wisdom.

Finding Friends that Match Your Frequency

Have you been with someone and it feels like their draining the life and vibrancy from you? Likewise, when you’re with people who match or are slightly above your frequency, it’s energizing and inspiring.

Are you attracting matching frequency friends, colleagues and clients? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – please post below.

Give Yourself the Gift of Wiggle Room


In the absence of being a super hero nor having access to a teleporting device, I need to face the truth – I certainly wasn’t doing myself any favors when I scheduled myself so tightly I could hardly breath. The result was added stress, pressure and feelings of not doing enough. Can you relate?

I’d love to help you step out of being overscheduled and step into being all of who you want to be and having the freedom to enjoy you, your life AND your business. Just click here to book your complimentary Explore | Expand | Enrich call. It’s all about you, getting on the fast track to purpose, profit and prosper.

If You Had All the Time and Money You Needed


This is a delightful invitation to start building the bridge between where you are and where you’d like to be – your dream life.

What action are your willing to do to make that happen?   It’s a big question and it’s also your future.  What do you want it to be?

It’s All About You

Let’s face, change is difficult – even if we want to change!  Wanting to change our inner conversation that is not encouraging, not our biggest cheerleader isn’t easy….and yet, if we want different results, it requires different action – change.  It’s all about you – what you really want – what you’re willing to change.  It’s not easy and yes, you’re so worth it!

I’d love to help you step out of what’s holding you hostage and step into the freedom of being all of who you want to be.  Just click here to book your complimentary Explore | Expand | Enrich call.  It’s all about you, getting on the fast track to purpose, profit and prosper.

My Guarantee to You


Offering a guarantee is easy.  The action taken when a refund is requested is when you discover just how real the guarantee is.  I feel so strongly about my guarantee, I made this video 6 years ago – and it’s till true today!

Power of Focus


This was recorded in 2012 and although I’m no longer offering this monthly program, the message still applies – our focus influences what we see as well as the results we experience.

Where is your focus? When your attention is on not enough – not enough clients, money, time, known as a scarcity mentality, then more scarcity is the result. When you focus on abundance, gratitude and raise your vibrational energy, you experience abundance. Yes, it is that simple – and not always easy!

Setting Boundaries is One of the Keys to Success


One of my clients was struggling with boundaries – when to say yes and how to say no. It’s not an uncommon situation. In this video, you’ll learn one tip that serves me well – hopefully you’ll find it useful.

Do you see boundaries as restrictive or as protection?

Setting Goals Using the 12-week Year

Goals used to make me feel like a failure. And then I read the 12-week Year by Brian Moran. What a game changer for me – and it may be for you too. Now, goals are my friend!

How about you – do goals propel into action and inspire you through the rough spots?

Source of Happiness

After failing miserably for years – even decades – at finding lasting happiness, I discovered the secret to tapping into my happiness factor…

How’s your happiness factor? Where do you find happiness?

The Amazing Journey Inward

The truth is this, the more we know, understand and appreciate our uniqueness, the more we have to offer the world. And the world needs the uniqueness only you can offer.

What is your unique gift? How can you share it with the world? If you’re not sure what your gifts are or how you can monetize your gifts, I’d love to help you. Just click here to book your complimentary Explore | Expand | Enrich call. It’s all about you, getting on the fast track to purpose, profit and prosper.

The Really Big Benefit of Firing My Head Committee

Are you ready to let go of the negativity, judgement and criticize that paralyses you?  You’re in the right place – try what I did and you’ll be amazed at what can happen!

The World is Waiting for You to Share All of Who You Are

How do you feel when you read those words – do feel uncomfortable? Doubtful? Hesitant?  I know I used to be – and then I decided to embrace my uniqueness and you can do the same.  The world needs the gifts only you can offer.

Take a moment to consider this because it’s an important question.  What is your definition of success?  It’s important for you to know so that each and every day you can take inspired action that brings you one step closer to achieving your definition of success.

If you’d like some help with this, I’d love to be a resource for you.  Here’s the link you can click to schedule your complimentary Explore | Expand | Enrich call.  It’s all about you, getting on the fast track to start living the life you dream of living.

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