Transformations – Professional and Personal

Throughout my professional career, I have ‘transformed’ myself several times. Looking back, it is so clear and yet at the time, the word ‘transformation’ didn’t come to mind.  Umm, we’ll come back to that.

Each of my transformations, was an ‘inside job’ – it started within me based on a feeling of being discontent, hungry for more, bored, the list is long!  When I became aware of the feeling, my intellect kicked in to gain understanding followed by physical action.  The progression was feeling – understanding – action.

When I took action, the feeling disappeared.  I went from wanting to having, from wishing to knowing.  Along the way, I have gained self-awareness, understanding and belief in my value.  Now that’s powerful!

In recent months, I have undergone another transformation and this is the best one yet!  It is comparable to the caterpillar/butterfly.  I am soaring into my best self yet – without wings!

How about you?  Does your business need transformation actions? Is your professional image all that it can be? Have you transformed yourself personally? And if so, please share your experience.


Author: Susan Bock

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