The Q Club!

Imagine who you could be.
Imagine what you could do.

The Q Club™ is your answer to:

  • Identifying beliefs, behaviors and habits that hold you back;
  • Release limiting beliefs with Yes I can!
  • Being more than you are.

What is The Q Club™?

  • An affordable group coaching program for women.
  • A phone is all you need!

When does The Q Club™ meet?

  • Complimentary introductory calls are the first Thursday of each month at 12 noon PT.
  • Register for the next complimentary call by completing the sign-up information below.

How do I join The Q Club™?

  • Monthly fee is $97.00
  • Click on the Add to cart button for safe, secure checkout
  • To realize the full value of the program, there is a 6-month commitment
  • Membership calls are the second Thursday of each month at 12 noon PT.
  • Typically, the calls are an hour – sometimes we go a bit over!
  • Information, discussion and questions for you and for me!

[testimonial company=”ready for phase 2 and exploring options!” author=”Linda” image=””]Susan quickly grasped and understood my issues and goals. She crafted her remarks with ‘spot-on’ accuracy. Her advice, open sharing, and sensitivity totally optimized our time together. I want what she has!![/testimonial]

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