The Power In Women

In 1972, the song titled “I Am Woman” song by Helen Reddy, hit the U.S. pop charts and rapidly became #1. Almost 40 years later, her song still resonates in my mind. Can you hear the tune, the lyrics?

“I Am Woman” says it all – who we are, what we have and will achieve, how our inner strength compels us into uncharted territory. From motherhood to sisterhood, from the boardroom to the bedroom, we stand together, united in ways that defy description. Why? Because we are extraordinary in every way.

The ability to express our feelings, show our emotions, nurture and see the potential in others is, perhaps, one reason. Another could be our relentless desire to do more, be more and experience more. Yes, we want it all! And we can have it all, perhaps just not at the same time!

We take on so many roles as we experience life and that is another unique feature. At this moment in time, we have to take on another role. Our ‘home’ is under siege from external forces and we need to rally forth in a united front to hold our ground.

How can we contain the onslaught? By creating communities –just as we always have. Our dependence and trust of external entities such as the government, financial institutions, and social inequities is a thing of the past. Distrust, doubt and disillusionment are paving the road for us to rally our friends, neighbors and loved ones. By reinstating a sense of community, we can share our collaborative attitude and share our ‘gifts’ with others. Just as we nurture a child, a relationship, and ourselves, we will nurture our community to reinstate a sense of purpose, belonging and security.

This is not being said from a position of glory, grandiosity or ego. It is fact, proven again and again over the ages as women weave the fabric that holds the family together, creates a safety net for the young and holds loved ones in a warm embrace. From the faces of poverty, racism, ignorance and grace, society has benefited from the gifts shared so openly and willingly from the likes of Rosa Parks to Sister Theresa, Queen Elizabeth I to Maya Angelou.
It requires knowledge, wisdom, love, patience, and a multitude of other gifts to achieve this daunting task. As we have done consistently over the span of the ages, we will do so again and continue to do so. It is our calling, our purpose, our role.

Our work is never done – at home, at the office, on ourselves. We are relentless and understand the importance of what is placed before us. Eagerly accepting the challenge, up for the task, and prepared to step into the foray, women of the world unite to ensure victory over what threatens us, our loved ones and our safety. We will conquer our challenges, be they internal to ourselves or from external sources. We will succeed.

Yes, we are women.

Author: Susan Bock

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