The Pity Pot – whats really going on?

The pity pot – that’s where my attitude, energy and outlook are residing today.  In fact, it has progressed beyond ‘the pot’ and moved into the plumbing .  Trust me, it’s not a pretty picture.  Adding to that, the critical/judgmental ‘voice’ in my head is loud and strong.  The ‘voice’ is bombarding me with shoulds – it’s saying “You should… or You know you should… or You should have, blah blah, blah!”  What I really want to do is escape the feelings, the bad attitude and the ‘voice’.  Maybe I’m tired and would benefit from a nap.  Or, if so-and-so would follow through on their commitment, then I would feel fine.  Or, perhaps there is an awareness that is fighting to get to the surface and I prefer to live in denial.

Has something bad happened to put me in this negative space?  No.  Is there a legitimate reason for me to wallow in self-pity?  No.  Has someone’s attitude or behavior put me in the plumbing?  No.  So what’s going on?

What I’m experiencing, in coaching parlance, is blame, excuses and denial.  This is living in bleakness – devoid of hope and optimism.  It’s a lousy space to occupy – even for a short time.  However, allowing myself to take a seat on the pity pot does have its benefits as it gives me permission to be grumpy, lazy and irresponsible.  Wow – isn’t that a great place to be!?  Well…., not really.

Enough is enough.  I’m done.  I don’t want to sit here any longer.  It’s time to take charge of my attitude rather than expecting someone else to ‘fix’ it!  How can I do that?  First, stand up.  Second, turn 180 degrees and third, flush the toilet!

Thanks for listening – I feel so much better!

Care to share your comments on this?  Please do.

Author: Susan Bock

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