The key to getting what you want in life Third in a three-part series

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confidenceNow that you know what you want, we can bring this series to a close by sharing with you the results you can expect from knowing what you want and living your life accordingly.

I mentioned earlier that in the past you may have borrowed your wants from another person(s). That’s what I did for many years. It was so much easier to just ‘borrow’ your wants rather than ask myself the questions that would give me the self-knowledge, strength and confidence to stand strongly in what I really wanted. Another component of that learning is that another person’s journey is interesting, exciting and enviable. And other people’s journeys are theirs, not mine. When I acknowledged this is when I embarked on my journey. To live my life to the fullest, I needed to create my own path, wants and destination. My invitation to you is to explore things for yourself, including your inner exploration, so you can be, see and experience more of who you are, and share your wonderful gifts with the world. Stated very simply, we have the incredible opportunity to discover ourselves for ourselves.

The more self-knowledge I gain, the more interesting the journey becomes. The very idea of learning more about myself has taken on more importance for me and is now close to the top of my “what I want” list.

This is what I enjoy as a result of having the self-knowledge to know what I want:

  • A newfound appreciation of who I am and a depth of happiness
  • Being OK with not having immediate answers to the important life questions
  • Knowing that the actions I take today will determine the results I enjoy tomorrow
  • The unique experience of acquiring self-knowledge, which is unlike any other experience I can have
  • Unexpected results outwardly from continuing on the journey inward
  • Understanding that the contribution I can make to the world is my greatest gift

No one can become an expert on you other than you.  Start today, right now and you will enjoy the results tomorrow. The gift that keeps on giving – and an amazing gift it is!

Are you still wondering, pondering and uncertain about how to start on your quest for self-knowledge?  Congratulations!  I totally understand how daunting this undertaking can be.  Here are additional suggestions for starting your quest to gain self-knowledge:

  • Be honest, open and humble.
  • Be yourself – no airs, pretense or false fronts.
  • Be proud knowing that there is not another person alive who is exactly like you.
  • Give yourself the time to get acquainted with the inner you – the real you.
  • Believe that exploring the real you will give you clarity, purpose, passion.
  • Enjoy the adventure and the experience of sharing the real you with the world.

Obtaining self-knowledge is the just the beginning to developing the most important relationship of your life – the relationship with yourself.  Imagine what your life could be, what you could enjoy, when you face each day from a position of strength, confidence and courage.  Just imagine . . .

quotesQuote of the week: “The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself.
It is not in your environment; it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others;
it is in yourself alone.”  Orison Sweet Marden

questionsQuestion of the week:Do you show yourself the same respect, love, forgiveness and understanding that you give to a loved one?  If not, why?

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