The Grand Canyon between knowing and doing – Part 3 of 4-Part Series

The next suggestion to take you from knowing to doing is actually a question.  As I’ve been anointed the Queen of Questions, you can’t be too surprised!!

What resources do you have and need?

When talking with my clients about resources, their thinking typically goes to money.  It’s not about the money – it’s much more than that!  Consider J.K. Rowling – practically homeless, writing in a coffee shop.  The lack of money did not deter her from pursuing her passion.

You may have skills you haven’t tapped into – or you may not consider something that effortless for you as a skill.  Your skills are your keys to success, your tools of success.  Try taking a skills inventory.  If you have difficulty assessing your skills, ask friends, family and colleagues for their input.   You can never have too many skills!

Knowledge and systems also play a vital role in our commitment to a goal.  If it helps, think of systems as routines, or repeatable behaviors that take you closer to your goal.  Likewise, if there are systems or behaviors that are keeping you from your passion, then it’s time to release what is holding you back.

The last comment on resources is about people.  For many of us, it is difficult to ask for help.  For some reason, we believe we have to do it alone, on our own, without asking for help.  My invitation to you is to let this attitude go and give yourself permission to ask for help, to invite others to share in your goal – and ultimately in your success.  It’s much more fun to have a party when there are others present!!

Author: Susan Bock

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