The Grand Canyon between knowing and doing – Part 1 of 4-Part Series

Intellectually, we know that eating healthy food, exercising daily and making time to relax is how to stay on the right side of wellness and longevity.  The knowing is easy.  The doing is another story.  The actual doing is highly influenced by our emotions, according to the experts.  There are times, for me, when it seems like the Great Sahara or the Grand Tetons stand between my knowing and doing.  Building a bridge between the mind and the heart is not an easy undertaking.

I know the brownie is not on the list for healthy living and longevity.  And yet, it calls to me from the side table – in a really loud voice!  I can taste it, feel the texture in my mouth, salivate as I note the frosting dripping down the side.  And then there’s the whip cream!  That’s just too much to ignore!

Then, the raging battle begins between my emotional, heart voice and my mind’s logical pragmatic voice.  It can get pretty ugly and it’s not pleasant being an eavesdropper on this debate.

Is there an easy fix? Quick solution? Effective prevention I can tap into?  Yes and no.  It’s not easy and it is a solution.  In the next blog post, you will learn the first of 3 actions you can shift from knowing to doing.

Author: Susan Bock

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