That Darned Sock

I read an article last week that continues to have my attention. The message of the article is renting space in my consciousness and does not want to be evicted! It talked about darning socks. Personally, I have never darned a sock. However, I remember my mother darning socks in the evening. The task required a needle, special thread, a light bulb (the old fashion tear drop shape, not the new curly q energy savers) and of course a sock with a hole in it.

There was quite a skill involved, otherwise the wearer of the darned sock would get a blister….perhaps that is the origin of the expression – those darned…

Back to the story. In the opinion of the author, the demise of our society pertaining to relationships, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs, started when we stopped darning socks. At that point, we entered the ‘disposable’ era.

I have no intention of learning how to darn socks – however, I do find myself still thinking about the author’s message.

What have you deemed disposable in your life that could be saved with a little mending?

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