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100 Questions to Change Your Attitude, Perspective and Life. Is life giving you what you want? If not, then perhaps it’s time for you to take action. This eBook consists of 100 thought-provoking questions that can shift your thinking, spur new ideas and reveal attributes. Are you ready for new awareness, a fresh perspective and different results? Then this eBook is for you. Buy Now – immediate download $15.49

Discover Your Inner Strength, paperback, 2008: anthology including Brian Tracy, Steven Covey, Ken Blanchard, Susan Bock et al $19.99

Every Self-Assessment You Need eBook, 2007 initial release; 2012 edition: When you want to learn more about yourself, to become an expert on you, this accumulation of assessments will provide you with more than you can imagine! $19.99

Quotes to Motivate eBook, 2006 initial release; 2012 edition: For the days when you need an extra dose of encouragement, and we all have those days! $19.99

Quotes for Women by Women eBook, 2007 initial release; 2012 edition: From the famous to the infamous, quotes that only a woman could create and appreciate! $19.99

Quotes from the Famous to the Infamous eBook, 2007 initial release; 2012 edition; Inspiring, motivating, provoking quotes from Achievement to Yearning. This 4-volume eBook is literally hundreds of pages of inspiring quotes from entertainers, activists, politicians, military leaders, financial gurus, mega-money makers, royalty and just plain folks! Need inspiration about patience, or stress or fun? This is the book for you. $49.99 for the 4 volume set

Websites for Your Business Success eBook, 2007 initial release; 2012 edition; This eBook provides a listing of websites for businesses – whether you are considering starting a business or have a business, you’ll benefit from the resources listed in this eBook. Answers to your questions are just a click away! $29.99

Developing Your Self-Muscles

A mental workout that can change your attitude, perspective and outlook on life. Take the Self-Muscles Strength Test and apply the aerobics to develop your super self!


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