Stepping into your Soulful Self 90-day program


In these powerful and personal interactive coaching sessions, we delve into the exciting world of soulful-discovery where you become best friends with a powerful force that resides within you and is just waiting for you to reach out and say hello.  You are ready to experience a depth of conversation that is rich with meaningful, powerful messages that will give you answers, clarity, confidence and courage to take the next indicated step – even though you may not know the outcome. You will begin to believe in yourself and start being the person you want to become by living life on your terms.

Our 90 days together will include 9 one-on-one sessions, as well as email support as you progress through the program.  The format is provided to support you and allows us flexibility when needed.

[WEEK 1 -3]  
Soulful Awakening

Tuning into your soul starts with clearing the clutter, removing the blocks and limited thinking and letting go of resistance.  During the first month we will clear the path so that you will develop a strong soulful connection that is unwavering.  This powerful connection will give you confidence, courage and clarity as you move forward.

[WEEK 4 -6]
Soulful Connection

With your soul as your compass we will re-visit every area of your life, your relationships, your work, your health and most importantly your SELF.  We will create, design and paint a picture for your future that elevates each area and with that we will transform feelings of emptiness, sadness and loss into and JOY, PASSION and SOULFULL-ness.

[WEEK 7-9]
Soulful Vision for Living

You have arrived at the time and place when you will have a clear, soulful vision of what you want to experience in your relationships, your future, your health and are ready to begin living your soul-full life!!  Now that you have a strong soulful connection – one that you trust and rely on, you know that you can access the wisdom that resides there any time – day or night.

Together, we will create your custom 30-day SOUL-full Living Action Plan of small and large SOUL-full actions to be taken daily. Your plan will be designed to give you support and encouragement.  Your Action Plan is there to serve you so you can be of greater service to those around you by being fully present, sharing all of your magnificence with the world and taking in the joy and fulfillment of knowing that you are living the soulful life that you were destined to live.   

Start your journey to living a soulful life today.

Single pay – $2250 or 3 pay $775

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