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Are You Afraid of Change? How to overcome fear to get what you want

This presentation will give you 4 keys to overcome your resistance, fear, and procrastination so you can get what you want in business, relationships and life.

Susan shares 4-step process that has changed the lives of her clients. Join the ranks of women who have claimed their power.

When you overcome what is holding you back, you, too, will be empowered to get what you want.

Ideal for business owners, job seekers, HR executives, entrepreneurs and women of all ages!


  1. Discover what is holding you back;
  2. Uncover your confidence;
  3. Go forward with courage and conviction that you can do it!

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Can You Close the Sale? Take your prospects from browsers to buyers in 5 easy steps

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to build your business? Are you forever clamoring to get people to listen to you? Do you have client prospects that are interested but have not yet made the decision to buy? Then this is the program for you.

Susan unveils the secret behind the 5-step Communication Continuum that will get prospects to listen and say yes faster.

Ideal for solo-preneurs, professional service providers, sales staff, and women who want to be more compelling in their style of communication.


  1. How to recognize communication blocks before it’s too late;
  2. Asking the right questions;
  3. Create a client relationship that your competitors will envy!

Are You Tired of Complaining and Whining? How to Create a LifePlan™ that Puts YOU in Charge

This hands-on talk Susan will have you groping for paper as you try to write down the 7-steps necessary to create a plan for your life. It is not too late to start embracing happiness, finding the love of your life, doubling your income, or creating a never-ending revenue stream.

Ideal for the woman who wants to take charge of their future!


  1. Clarity for the direction you want to your life to take;
  2. Confidence in knowing what is important to you;
  3. A road map that will keep you moving forward when life throws in a roadblock!

An often-quoted expert, Susan has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, and was awarded the 2011 Women of Year by NAPW. As a highly-desired speaker, she is known for her powerful message, humor and asking questions that can change your life.

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