Self-Knowledge: Do You Know What Your Gifts Are?

“The most important knowledge we can gain in life is self-knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Dr. Einstein is a wonderful example of the impact one person can have on the world. One person can make such a difference! Granted, everyone isn’t gifted with the ability to develop the general theory of relativity – he took care of that for us!

However, we each have our own special gifts and talents that no one else possesses. Do you know what your gifts are? Are there gifts within you that have yet to be discovered? Are you actively sharing your gifts with the world?

You know I love questions and have learned the skill of ‘setting in the question.’ Not all questions have an immediate answer…sometimes I have to sit with the question and be okay with being uncomfortable. Why? The education system groomed me from the age of 5 that when asked, I was expected to have the answer. If that answer was not correct, there were consequences ranging from humiliation, embarrassment, ridicule to more lasting consequences such as poor grades.

My past does not rule my present nor my future, so today, I have permission to think, ponder and consider.

This series of blog posts is intended to increase your self-knowledge – let’s call it your self-intelligence. Here are three questions for you to consider:

  1. What do you want to experience in life?
  2. How do you want to grow?
  3. What do you want for your legacy?

I invite you to give yourself permission to ponder – after all, this is your life. Make it count!

One thing I really admire about this guy is he wasn’t bothered by a bad hair day – it appears most every day was a bad hair day for him!

That reminds me to focus on what’s important!

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Author: Susan Bock

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