Confidence LevelIn a recent coaching session, Amanda was berating herself for not being willing to take action. She felt all tangled up in the details and couldn’t see her way out.  While Amanda’s circumstances are unique, her dilemma is not.

Many of my coaching clients and program participants have come to me in varying degrees of being stuck, unable to move forward, uncertain and confused. Does this sound familiar? Can you relate? What Amanda is expressing is a symptom, when the real problem lies elsewhere. Through an intense 1st Step to Change session, Amanda began to understand that her real problem was that she lacked self-confidence. (Click to register for your complimentary 1st Step to Change session consultation with me.)

The bad news is lack of self-confidence comes in many different shapes, sizes and symptoms. It easy to focus on the feeling (hesitant, confused, procrastinating). It’s easy to treat the symptoms, and that’s what many coaches do. For lasting, sustainable results, you need to get to the source and begin rebuilding your self-confidence from the inside out.  Yes, it’s an inside job!

Self-musclesMy 13 years of coaching, mentoring and teaching have revealed to me that we need to treat our “self-muscles” just like our bodies. When we exercise, consume healthy foods and get plenty of rest, our bodies have energy and thrive. Our “self-muscles” also need strengthening, attention and nurturing. These “muscles” are part of us, protecting us every day and, some days, taking hard hits.

When any of your “self-muscles” are depleted, you are less than you can be. Here’s a link to download a quick self-assessment:  The 5-minute Workout That Can Change Your Life.   Identify your “self-muscles” that need special attention.  I’ve included some exercises for you to do each day and 10 tips to keep you strong!

The good news is that in just five minutes, a day you can regain your self-confidence – and any other “self-muscles” you want to strengthen. You’ll be back in shape in no time!  

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Quote of the week: “I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.”  Anna Freud

Question of the week: What actionable step are you willing to take right now to give your self-confidence a boost?

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Author: Susan Bock

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