Rewards of asking questions

What price am I willing to pay for the life I dream of living?  There is a price.  And there is a reward.  Once you have identified the price, you can then determine if the price is worth the prize.  Weighing it from this perspective often reduces or minimizes the price.  Living your dream has rewards, not living your dream has a price.

What are you grateful for? Writing a gratitude list may not sound very glamorous and yet the result can shift your perspective as fast as you can write – or type.  Rather than spending time thinking about what you don’t have, concentrate on what you do have and savor the abundance of your gifts.  Life is not about acquisition, it is about experiences.

What do others say about you? Choose 5 friends, colleagues, clients, family members.  Ask each person to share with you something they believe about you or have experienced with you.  You may be surprised at the input.  Give yourself permission to enjoy the praise.  In return, give each participant the gift of sharing with them what you admire most about them.

The answers to these questions can result in realizing your true talents from a different perspective. People see us differently than we see ourselves and most of the time that is helpful. I encourage you to work on these questions this week and reap the benefits of your answers.

Author: Susan Bock

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