The 3 Q’s: Questions, Queries and Quandaries

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November/December 2012 Remembering and Learning

October 2012 What is Your Nimble Number?

August 2012 The Power of Habit

July 2012 Are you Living with Dinosaurs or Diamonds?

May 2012 Know What You Want

March 2012 Self Repair

February 2012 Opportunity Knocks

January 2012 A New Beginning

November 2011 Truths

October 2011 Miracles

September 2011 Favorite Time of Year

August 2011 Self Knowledge

July 2011 Looking Through the Window

June 2011 Doodle

March 2011 Practical

January 2011 Adjectives

November 2010 Can You Believe

October 2010 Have you Ever

July 2010 Power of Focus

June 2010 Lightening Strikes

December 2009 Breakdown or Breakthrough

October 2009 The Burden of Purpose

September 2009 Mason Jars

July 2009 Twitter

April 2009 Thought-provoking statement

March 2009 An Endurance Test

January 2009 Recreation

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