I love giving gifts and here are tons of free gifts for you – free, easy and immediate – how cool is that?!

Meet My Awesome Team

These are the people I use for my business…



Shelly Southall – 

Image Consultant

Diana Jennings –

Business Culture and Team Performance

Kammy Haynes –

Editing and Proofing

Eve Gumple –

Financial Planner

Lisa Sakai – 

Hair Stylist – cut and color

Paula Grippi –


Discovering who I am and connecting with my soul has presented me with opportunities and rewards beyond my dreams. One of the gifts was opening the door to writing. What a surprise to discover I love to write – and people like reading what I write! How cool is that? In this section you’ll find articles on various topics that have helped shape my adventure inward while embarking on this amazing adventure called life!


Books are a never-ending source of learning, discovery, inspiration and enjoyment for me.  Here you will find a few of the books that have impacted me the most.


Taking a walk? Ready for some thought-provoking questions? The MP3’s are short, to the point topics that will jump-start your thinking to a whole new level. Discover more of who you are so you can share your uniqueness with the world.

Self Assessments

If there was a 12-step program for self-assessment junkies, I would be a permanent member! It doesn’t matter, long or short, on-line or off-line, quirky or obscure, if I can learn something new about myself, reinforce what I already know and/or uncover how I’m getting in my own way, I’m in! And now you can indulge!


Videos are taking over so get ready to laugh, learn and let go!  From serious to humorous, puppies to people to pure pleasure – it’s all a here for you.

Before blogs, there was the newsletter

Years of back issues of The 3Q’s eZine – the 3Q’s = Questions, Quotes and Quandaries