Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

Mandy R, Organizing Times, Spaces & Places for Speakers

Susan is a genuine pleasure to work with, she is sincere not only one-on-one but in her speaking as well.  It is easy to connect with Susan. She truly cares for everyone around her!

Shelly Southall, Co-Owner of AHA Image Studios

Pat Danel-Carreras, Princor Register Representative

“My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you. I particularly liked your approach of asking questions, and since the breakfast I have found myself asking questions in a different way to, as you say, “unveil answers for happiness and success in business and life”.

Too bad I was not the lucky winner of an hour-session with you, but I look forward to reading your book when it is released this Fall. In the meantime, I will be reading the “What is blocking you?” CD that I bought that day.

Thank you for your dynamic presentation. It was truly a pleasure meeting you!”

Petra Petry, Area Director, NAPW  

“One of the things I loved about Susan’s presentation is that it has remained with me – I keep thinking about ideas and suggestions she shared. For me, her message wasn’t just inspiring; her message touched my heart and now I am motivated me to discover more and live more of life!”

Judi Perkins, Business Woman, Internet Talk Show Host, Coach
“That was terrific! I learned a lot. Great illuminating presentation! And I loved partnering with you – let’s do it again sometime”

Linda Duffy, SPHR, presentation at HRIC (Human Resources Independent Consultants)
“Please know how much our group appreciated your presentation. I received a lot of great feedback.”

Nanette, Entrepreneur, Inventor
“The phone call with Susan exceeded my expectations. She had such insight into me even before our conversation began. I was “stuck.” My heart and mind had been sending me messages but I could not see them. Susan, as if all of this was not enough, gave me tools, to deal with some of the issues beyond our phone call. In a short time, Susan made an impact in my life, helping me to continue pursuing my goals and dreams.”

Michelle, New Entrepreneur, CPA
“Susan Bock is a Powerhouse. WOW! Who she is and what she does is more than just words!!!”

Yvonne, stuck in the muck!
“I think Susan is amazing and her one-on-one is really key. It is better than any therapy I have gotten and she gets to the core of things pretty quick. I have found that I have reprogrammed my brain and have created new beliefs because the old ones were holding me back. It takes awhile for it to change and when it does, amazing things happen.”

Linda, Entertainment
“Susan quickly grasped and understood my issues and goals. She crafted her remarks with ‘spot-on’ accuracy. Her advice, open sharing, and sensitivity totally optimized our time together. I want what she has!!”

Jean, Former business owner
“Five years ago I launched my business with Susan as my coach. Last month I sold the business. I never dreamed I would be able to achieve such a level of success in such a short time. ….thanks to Susan’s coaching!! I can’t believe I’m saying this, I’m considering starting another business with a plan to sell in a few years. Susan has set me on a journey I never would have attempted and am earning more money than I ever dreamed!!”

KeriGee, CEO of Pridea

Anna, Specialty Services
“Susan Bock is amazing. Her insight, sense of humor, and ability to cut through the distractions is incredible. My nickname for her is the “boundary lady.” She knows what to say and when to say it – even if I don’t want to hear it!”

Diane, Importer
“Susan’s metaphors, analogies, and unique way of seeing things enabled me to see how I was getting in my own way… and what I could do to modify my behavior.”

Jennifer, Online Branding & Marketing
“Susan not only helped me in discovering my true passion, she also helped me get out of my own way- releasing all the old nagging beliefs that no longer serve any purpose. I now live in the moment, doing what I love while enjoying the fruits of my labor…financial success and personal freedom.”

Brenda Glim, Actor, Corporate Recess and Corporate Recess Players

Terry, Talent Services

“I had no idea just how amazing this process could be. Susan…helped me see how my thinking was interfering with what I really wanted to accomplish. Thank you, thank you – you are my coach for life now!”

Debbie, Solopreneur
“When I decided to expand my design career, I hired Susan. What a great surprise…Susan guided me and was so very encouraging and uplifting! Thank you, Susan! I am licensed, trademarked, certified and WOW! I am sooo ready…You are very knowledgeable and I value that and respect it! God Bless.”

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