After years of searching, my path and purpose are clear and my blessings grow with each new client. It’s with humbleness and tremendous gratitude that I share these client testimonials with you. My hope is the words from these clients will inspire you to explore, expand and embrace your uniqueness because the world needs the gift that is uniquely you!

Loving the business and the life I have every day,



Anza Goodbar
"You always brighten up my day!  I look forward to your posts, you always give me something to think about and ponder. So blessed to be a part of your tribe!"

Jennifer Cloake
Serial Entrepreneur
"Susan not only helped me in discovering my true passion, she also helped me get out of my own way- releasing all the old nagging beliefs that no longer serve any purpose. I now live in the moment, doing what I love while enjoying the fruits of my labor…financial success and personal freedom."
Christina Haarkenson
Business Owner, Wife, Mother
"It was you that introduced me to the power of self-discovery. Thank you. Simply, it has changed my life."
Yvonne DeSollar
"I think Susan is amazing and her one-on-one is really key. It is better than any therapy I have gotten and she gets to the core of things pretty quick. I have found that I have reprogrammed my brain and have created new beliefs because the old ones were holding me back. It takes a while for it to change and when it does, amazing things happen."
Nanette Ocaña
"The phone call with Susan exceeded my expectations. She had such insight into me even before our conversation began. I was 'stuck.' My heart and mind had been sending me messages but I could not see them. Susan, as if all of this was not enough, gave me tools, to deal with some of the issues beyond our phone call. In a short time, Susan made an impact in my life, helping me to continue pursuing my goals and dreams."
Sonia J.
Sonia Jeantet
CEO, Aspiring Author
"I came to Susan at a time when I knew I needed a breakthrough. All the recent changes in the economy and in my business caused me to re-evaluate and look for a better way to make some new choices. I wasn’t sure how Susan would help me get there, however, I knew of Susan’s past successes and track record. I knew that if she chose some tool or process it would be effective."
Nancy Mueller
Nancy Mueller
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Coach
"I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Susan Bock as a coaching client. When I approached her about working with her, I was at a major crossroads in my business and could not find the answer I was looking for. Being a life coach myself, I was frustrated that I could not figure out the answer I was looking for on my own. Within 4 weeks, Susan and I worked out an action plan that helped me break through the barrier that had seemed so overwhelming to me. Susan has a way of hearing you out, and getting to the root of your challenge(s) to show you how you may be sabotaging your own growth. Dr. Susan Bock is an amazing coach and if you are reading this testimonial, may I suggest you give yourself permission to take that next step to connect with her to see just how she can enrich your life!"
Linda MacDougall
"From the first contact, what made Susan stand out was her empathy and immediate response to a sudden situation that froze me on the spot. She spent time to virtually hold my hand and walk me through that trauma and back to my own power. In doing that work, she revealed her own profound power to me.  In that short blink of time, she saw my soul and responded to its need to be recognized and supported."
Sandy Widstrup
Girls Choice, Inc.
"When my sister and I first decided to go into business together, we were uncertain of where to start. We had some ideas but weren’t sure how to approach them. Then we met Susan and she listened to our concept, asked lots of questions and she became as excited as we were. Not only has she created a business plan for us but she has provided referrals for other services and has given us endless suggestions."

"You have been absolutely wonderful at guiding me and giving me insights.  Such a difference in a few short weeks!"
Dana Briggs
Entrepreneur, Author

"Susan Bock skillfully blends the ‘woo-woo’ aspects of life with practical and measurable results. She explains the unexplainable coincidences and validates the importance of trusting your intuition.
Angie G.
Emerging Entrepreneur
"Susan over delivered in everything she promised. I found her to be an excellent communicator and I appreciated and acted on all of the wonderful suggestions. She always followed up on everything she said she would and was very encouraging which allowed me to move confidently forward in my business. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve themselves or their business. Thank you Susan!"
Chris Spink
Fulfillment Mastery