Out with the old…

Creating a new conversation with yourself around an old, outdated belief can be quite challenging and very rewarding. Yes, I am suggesting you talk to yourself….preferably out loud.

Our speaking voice is much slower than our ‘thinking’ voice. When we speak, we activate our listening skills. Hearing our thoughts gives us the opportunity to process the message with more than one of our senses.

Why is creating a new belief important? The short answer is this: most of our beliefs were formed years – many years ago. Since that time, we have experienced living and learning. The outdated beliefs stay with us until we literally rethink the concept. When we integrate our knowledge into our lives is when we benefit from our wisdom. Knowing something does not necessarily mean we live it.

Granted, it may be easier to stay with the old belief – we know it, are comfortable with it, and rely on it to guide our decisions. The other side is that the old belief may keep us stuck, prevent us from experiencing more of life, and inhibit expanding our awareness. Staying with the old may outweigh the risk of experiencing the unknown.

Releasing what is limiting and embracing an expanded belief has the benefit of creating new opportunities – opportunities that we would not otherwise see. Opportunities that are only revealed with we open our minds to new beliefs.

It seems when I find the courage to let go of the old and make space for a new, liberating belief, the universe steps in with abundance. Thank you, Universe!

Do you have any limiting beliefs you are struggling with? Leave a comment below, or contact me directly. I would be delighted to share some ideas with you.

Author: Susan Bock

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