How To Overcome Fear to Get What You Want (< 45 minutes)

Hosted by Sheryl Lynne, you’ll hear directly from Susan how she mentored Diane, one of her clients, to overcome her fear to get what she really wanted. In this 35-minute interview, you’ll learn the steps Susan took with Diane and you’ll hear from Diane how she was able to replace the fear with action and in just two months started her business. It’s a wonderful example of how overcoming fear is the only path to getting what you want.

How to Develop the Most Important Relationship in Your Life (< 35 minutes)

In less than 30-minutes, you’ll learn what is the most important relationship in your life and how you can quickly, effectively and easily create and nurture this relationship. This conversation can be a game changer for you if you’re not living the life you love.

How to enjoy healthy self love and not feel selfish! (This audio is in 3 parts and the links for each part to listen are down below)

The topic of self-love is the key to embracing our uniqueness. Yes, it’s vital and yet, most women are not comfortable talking self-love. Give us the opportunity to talk about what we don’t like about ourselves and we’re all over it! Ask us what we like, in fact love about ourselves and we’re completely dumbstruck.

In this 3-part series (each is < 30 minutes) you’ll hear from Nancy Mueller and Susan Bock how they shifted from self-loathing to self-love, left unhappy relationships, walked away from what they thought would make them happy and moved into the space and place of loving themselves, their lives and their business. Yes, you can have it all!

Part 1: The importance of self-love – what it is and what it isn’t

Part 2: Acknowledging the challenges and obstacles that prevent women from experiencing self-love

Part 3: Tools and techniques to embrace self-love and feel really good yourself!

Your Shift Matters: My story – Going from Cowardice to Courageous (< 37 minutes)

Tune in and hear how I went from being a total coward … afraid of living, afraid of dying, afraid of everything … to becoming confident and courageous! A word of caution – I get real and go deep in this episode, laying it all out on the line in hopes of inspiring you to live a confident, courageous life! I talks about the four (4) steps I took that changed my life forever … for the better!  Listen in as I describe each step in detail so you can create a shift in your life too!