Inspired & Unstoppable

I’ve been reading a terrific book – Inspired and Unstoppable by Tami Kieves. Her journey to reach where she is today has been anything but easy. Like many of us, at times her challenges seemed insurmountable. In those dark moments, the thought of giving in, giving up, or quitting was so appealing! We can choose to reside in the darkness or we can choose to step into the light and move on – to become more than we are, to strive – and succeed – in ways we thought impossible.

Do you consider yourself unstoppable? Are you willing to do what it takes to live your dream? Can you walk through the challenges, disappointments, and distractions and keep your attention on your goal? Are you unstoppable?

My answer would be yes, I am unstoppable in some aspects of my life; not so much in others. My unstop-ability has a direct correlation to the energy and commitment to the goal. When the price is worth the prize, you bet I’m unstoppable even if I don’t know how. That was my mindset when starting my business in 2000. I was unstoppable and I had little concept of what would be required of me to be successful. Was my goal impossible? Maybe. Was it possible? Absolutely. I didn’t have to know how – I just had to be willing to learn.

It’s in those breakthrough moments when the impossible becomes possible, the insurmountable becomes surmountable and the unattainable is within your grasp.
Yes, we are unstoppable! Thank you, Tami, for sharing your inspiration and belief that we only touch the surface of our potential.

Author: Susan Bock

Susan Bock, Specialist for Women over 50 who want more out life, love and business!

Are you longing for more meaning as your life changes or searching for a way to reach your goals?

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