Inner Dialog – Can’t vs. Won’t

Listening to my inner dialog has become one of my hobbies – and I am consistently surprised when I tune into what is being said between my ears.  Sometimes it is humorous, and other times it is such an attention-grabber that it gives me pause.

Here’s an example.  I heard inner dialog saying, “I can’t do that.”  The word can’t jumped out at me.  When I thought about it, considered the meaning of can’t, it occurred to me that the sentence was incorrect – I can do it, however, I won’t do it. And won’t has a different meaning than can’t.

Speculation won the toss-up and I began to wonder.  Consistently saying I can’t sends a strong and incorrect  message to the psyche – and that’s not
something I wish to continue doing.  Granted, there are enumerable things I can’t do – I will use the word as it is intended.

For the rest, it is a choice, free will, a matter of selection and discretion – enter the word won’t.  What’s being said in your inner dialog?

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