How to tune into your Self-Talk

Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.
Lisa M. Hayes

This quote from Lisa Hayes is a great reminder that those critical voices or self-critics, or harsh words we think about are being heard. Whether we’re listening or not, aware or not, the words are having an impact on how we approach our lives, relationships, work and play.

Raising or level of awareness to tune into the self-talk is a massive step in developing and increasing our self-intelligence. We can’t understand what we don’t know and we can’t change what we don’t understand. It’s that simple and can be really complicated!!

Here’s a technique for tuning into your self-talk. Carry a small notebook with you for a week. a few times throughout each day, write down your self-talk – verbatim. No editing, refining, or embellishing. Word for word.

Then ask yourself these questions:

  1. What prompted the dialog?
  2. How does this self-talk feel?
  3. Is there a pattern emerging?

This can be accomplished in a few minutes each day – perhaps at the end of the week you may have invested an hour in the exercise. Is your self-intelligence worth the investment of an hour of your time?

Each day you will become more aware of the messages you’re sending yourself.

The gift is with this newly acquired self-intelligence, you can begin writing new messages and begin having a different type of conversation – one that is encouraging supportive, forgiving and supportive. Practice brings results.

Become your best friend!

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Author: Susan Bock

Susan Bock, Specialist for Women over 50 who want more out life, love and business!

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